Cookstove + Masonry Heater Hybrid

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The impetus of this project is to create a single unit that combines a functional cookstove with immediate heat production with an efficient firebox for prolonged masonry heat storage. We will draw from medium-sized “batch-box” development and use bypass dampers as switches to significantly alter the flow through the heater depending on the output desired. An important part of the project will be to experiment with an open-source flow for project development. This project is being developed in the context of a hands-on workshop that will be realized at the Masonry Heater Association’s 2022 Annual Meeting.

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I like this idea, kind of the best of both worlds. Can we add an oven too? Half joking, probably adds too much complexity. I am planning out a small, approx 500 ft^2 home (300 footprint + loft) and would love to have something like this in it. Eagerly awaiting more discussion. And willing to be a guinea pig if one is needed. Home size might be borderline too small to need that kind of heat, but it’s a cold climate so maybe it’s worthwhile…

@FerryCounty, I am just in the process of working on the design, and have tentatively added an oven and am planning on hot water heating too. Stay tuned, I will try to share some screen shots shortly. Indeed, I am hoping to get rolling on this project.

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