About the Firespeaking Forums

Well, break out the champagne for this first post and add your voice!

We are creating this forum because we believe that more voices are stronger than one.

I think it would be good for this forum to have the study and evolution of masonry heaters in our culture at its core because that is a central part of what we do here at Firespeaking. I am hoping that these discussions will include:

  • questions about heater design and construction
  • accounts of heater projects in design stage and completed
  • travel stories and photos of heaters
  • open-source design development
  • masonry heater maintenance and trouble-shooting
  • use of SketchUp design software
  • wood-fired hot water

It’s possible that the discussion could also include discussion of wood-fired ovens, outdoor kitchens, and just about anything it evolves too. We will keep organization minimal until main categories settle out.

We would not like to fracture communities that already exist. We envision the forum operating like the Forno Bravo forum which has become a great general forum on wood-fired ovens. We also envision it filling a gap between two Rocket Mass Heater oriented public forums (the Donkey Pro Boards & the Rocket Stove Forum at Permies) and the incredible private forums of the Masonry Heater Association (which are reason enough to join!)

The forum is hosted using open-source software and is isolated from Firespeaking’s website so that it can be migrated easily should it evolve to a new host in the future. You can read the full boilerplate terms of use but the most important part is that ownership and intellectual property of each post remains with the person posting.

What would you like to learn more about or discuss!?

I would like a thread dedicated to permitting and code discussion.


Hi @Miles, thanks so much for joining the forums.
Here is a pre-publishing preview of an article I am working on to address permitting and code:

It is incomplete but at least is a reference.
I have a feeling you will be a good editor for it. :slight_smile: