Sourcing 12x24x2.5 Refractory Tile in the Western US

Hey All,

New to the forum and getting everything in order for my first masonry heater build this summer.

I’m looking for some advice on large firebricks. I need 11, 24x12x2.5" bricks for my build. Contacted Larkin Refractories in ATL and was quotes $43.25 per brick but $537 shipping. Wondering if anyone has any info on places to get these bricks in the western half of the US so that the freight shipping isn’t so painful.

Many thanks in advance,

Hi @Blinkman2!

We have generally sourced our refractory tiles from Harbison Walker International.
A quick look at the following page under distribution centers will help you find the closest one:

Unfortunately, the southwest does not look too well represented and you may still need to pay freight to get them to you, but possibly less than bringing them from the east coast. Does anyone in the southwest have other leads on refractory tile sources?

Is it possible to make your own?

They are fairly technical pieces. Imagine a very well made fire brick that is 12"x24"x2.5" and that you coud have the confidence to use to span 19" while being hit hard by flame and sometimes having a bypass window cut into them. I haven’t had any failures in them and some of our heaters have been in the field for 15 years.

That said, someone who has a ceramics process going and wants to explore making them could. They can also be cast in castable refractory but the same supply logistics apply since both materials generally come from the same supplier.

Perhaps we should expand the scope of this topic to see where others are getting 12"x24" tiles as well as castable refractory in other parts of North America, maybe also around the world.

Thanks Max! Yes, I have spoken with them and it seems at least at the moment that they will provide the best option. I looked into casting them myself, but that does seem quite tricky and not even that much less expensive