Joseph Crawleys Multifunctional Heater

Here’s the mostly finished cooking and heating stove I built this fall. It is based on the DSR2 core and is a 6 inch system.


@Joseph_Crawley, very cool project. It would be neat to learn more about it. Did you make the hardware custom? Is that a glass cooktop? How’s it working out for you? How does the oven on the right function? Any photos of the process.

One thing we would recommend, and would be code, would be to create a non-combustible surfacing in front of your firebox door to address any coals that can roll out when opening the door. One neat solution for this is to have a piece of tempered glass cut and honed with a nice, soft curve on all edges.

The top is from a scrapped electric stove. I fabricated the hardware. The oven on the right is really just a warm nook. The top door is a black oven in which I’ve roasted some eggplant and made a batch of bagels. It definitely has a learning curve and an IR thermometer helps a great deal.

Regarding the hearth so far I’ve just been grabbing any errant coals and tossing them back in the firebox. When I get there with the flooring I’ll drop in a piece of countertop scrap stone to catch the coals.

Cooking performance is great but it takes a good twenty minutes from startup to coffee. I would prefer a firebox system with a top exit since the DSR2 with it’s side port is prone to smoking out the door when open.

The stove heats my drafty under construction 600 square space very well with two fires per day with outside temps in the teens( 15F ).

I look forward to your project and hopefully will scratch together the cash to attend the MHA conference this year. If you need a gopher for the conference I live close by and would make an excellent plus one.

@Joseph_Crawley, Thanks for this follow-up information.

Can you provide a reference to what the DSR2 is? Is that a sidewinder rocket? Would be good to provide a link for folks in this forum. If it’s a sidewinder batch rocket, I was involved in development on that pattern and have ultimately found the same thing…. that in the design efforts the direct relationship between the radiant power of the fire and the cooktop was distanced and this led to a less responsive cooktop which is not ideal for a serious cook. Smoking when opening the door is a nuisance. You can see that I’m trying to address this by essentially having a switch in the Cookstove + Masonry Heater Hybrid I am currently working on.

I’ve been curious about the user experience on the scrapped glass electric stove tops (cooking responsiveness, durability, any glow from the fire or soots up, possible to cut to size). Would be cool to see you at the MHA 2022 annual meeting if you can make it!

Or is the DSR2 a reference to the Double Shoebox Rocket design that seems to be getting interest right now?

Sorry yes the dsr2 is the double shoebox rocket mark 2 developed by Peter van den Berg. I’m not sure if he has added this new design to - Introduction

But I know that’s in the works. If not you can read the development thread here

I was skeptical of the glass top but after using it on my old cookstove for a year before building this current stove I’m an enthusiastic convert. It has a low emissivity like stainless steel so the surface gets very hot. I miss having open eyes for quicker heat but don’t miss the sooty pot bottoms. It is fairly easy to cut with a diamond wheel. It is a good idea to tape along the cut line with masking tape to avoid a running break as you finish the cut. The bottom of the glass gets hot enough that soot burns away and does not accumulate. I would recommend getting a spare glass cooktop Incase an accident occurs.


Thank you very much for this addition!