Cabin Stove Design Details

I am in the initial design phase of a Cabin Stove with a white oven and a heated bench.
The cook top we ordered is the Firespeaking T201 which is different from the cooktop used in the Firespeaking Shop Cabin Stove

I ordered the Firespeaking k402 door and I am looking at the
North Stone HTT203 Baking oven

It looks like the firebox and oven will just barely fit under the cook top, if the downward run toward the bench and the upward run for the chimney live outside of that cooktop footprint.

Is this the most elegant approach to our design constraints?

Also will the added bench adversely effect the bake oven heat? . I understand In the Shop Cabin Stove design, that before exiting the chimney the flue makes one last pass under the bake oven. If there is a bench run happening before that final pass will the heat loss from the bench run be problematic for oven heat?

Any insight that comes from experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you @noelcito for starting this long-awaited and important thread!

@Danocon, are you able to provide details about your recent Cabin Stove build?

Dan used our 20” x 44” cooktop plans, with some modifications, and a similar set of hardware that was purchased for your project. We can refund the cooktop since we haven’t shipped it yet and, instead, supply plans for the larger, custom cooktop. The issue is finding someone to produce it and at a cost that makes it affordable. That is where the cast iron is so advantageous.

That is why I am focusing on the Cookstove + Masonry Heater Hybrid project because it uses stock pieces. It makes the chimney anchor plate independent of the cooktop and available from chimney suppliers and gives more wiggle room for maneuvering the heat exchange channels. I am hoping to show drawings of it with an oven option soon.


Hi Max,

Just wanted to check in to see how plans for a cookstove + oven unit are coming. Looks like exactly something that would fit well in a space I’m working on.


@Scott, this thread contains our most recent design work on this concept:

Awesome. Are the plans still the same as those here: