Living with Ukrainian masonry stoves

Ukrainian masonry stoves I’ve lived with or have been in awe of:
My first experience, during late spring so I didn’t get to use it much.

My lengthiest experience was with this stove, in the kitchen of the house where I was boarding in Kosmach. Cooking, baking, washing dishes, drying laundry, and in the barrel under the checked shirt… fermenting vodka.

This was the stove that was built in my room while I was living there (tho I had to vacate for the duration.

These are two stoves that were just awe inspiring. The first in the traditional style with handmade tiles. The second, all of local stone. Check out the feed door on the lower left.


Hi @j9shome - I can’t see any pictures or links but would love to see your photos! I live in Bulgaria, where we have traditional masonry stoves in some areas, but I’m interested in building my own. Here are some examples of Jamali in BulgariaШкола-по-строителство-с-глина-844831498924524/photos/?tab=album&album_id=868260713248269

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Hi Jo, I haven’t yet figured out how to upload the pics. Sorry.

Welcome @JoBradshaw and thank you so much for adding your voice to the forums, including the link to the Bulgarian stoves. We are wanting to move in the direction of light-colored plasters for finishes on our own project work so it is neat to be reminded of what a precedent there is.

@j9shome we need to help you figure out how to upload your photos! Is there any way that you can try uploading the images you have from a different computer or device?

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Thank you for sharing those gorgeous jamali, Jo!
There’s a small cookstove one in a blue painted room that looks very like a cabin stove. I’m hoping to build something similar using mostly earth, in my Bulgarian cottage.