Masonry Heater Association Executive Director Position

Hi forum members!

The fantastic Executive Director of many years of the Masonry Heater Association is retiring. The recruitment committee for the next executive director has been at work and is currently receiving applications for the position. You can find a full position summary as well as the application form here:

We have a goal to hire the new executive director in time for them to be able to attend our annual meeting at WildAcres this April so that they can learn about this important event and meet some of the membership. For this reason, we have decided to set the following…

Application Deadline: March 5th, 2022

In order to ensure that we reach the largest applicant pool possible, we urge you to forward this message to your personal networks to anyone that you think might be a good candidate for the job . Also consider forwarding this announcements to mailing lists of other organizations you are a part of. Members of the committee are formulating some social media posts and please share them as you see them.

You can, of course, tell potential candidates about the great group of people that form our organization as well as the positive solutions our work provides and also point them to our website to learn more about our association:

I am attaching some photos below for additional context.

Warm Regards.
Max Edleson
(Chair of the MHA’s Executive Director Search Committee)