Philip Godfrey's 5-Run Masonry Heater

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In the summer of 2023, we provided Philip Godfrey of Quebec, Canada with design services and hardware for the masonry heater he was planning to build. Philip was a DIY homeowner who had done a lot of research on masonry heaters and brought a wealth of industrial design and manufacturing experience to his project. He came up with his own version of the 5-Run Masonry Heater Plan.

Especially interesting are his solutions for being able to regulate the amount of primary and secondary air to the firebox via some custom air registers he made:

For those interested, you can study a powerpoint he has provided of his build which shows his innovative build:



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Hardware for this Project:

This project features the following items from our hardware catalog….

Hi all, the way the forums re-post the original post still needs some work. The images showing Philip’s innovative castings are missing and the product options are vastly over-emphasized… apologies.

I am re-posting the images here so they can be referenced in discussion:

Huge gratitude to Philip for being a customer willing to engage in the open source process with these contributions.