SketchUp Masonry Heater Resource Folder

The first iteration of the SketchUp for Masonry Heater Resource Folder has been created!

The current version is hosted as a publicly accessible Google Drive link.

You can currently add to it by uploading files to this topic. A better method for contributions will be determined soon.

Hi Max

The SketchUp Masonry Heater Resource Folder Link is showing up as an empty folder for me.
Possibly the permissions are set to -only viewable to those who have the link?

I had a sync issue which erased the copy of the files I had prepared. We are working on the library now and have an ambitious goal of publishing something this Friday.

I still have an empty folder?

@Mas_con_Menos, thank you for the nudge…
@Sam has just published our first version of this archive:

Sketchup Heater Builder Component Library v0.1

We are starting it off with the following folders to get it off the ground:

  • Foundation Materials - CMU Block Units, Rebar, Slabs
  • Refractory Materials - Firebrick and Refractory Tile
  • Firespeaking Hardware - Our Catalog of Hardware for Designers & Builders to incorporate into their design, presentation, and sales work.

We are starting it out hosting it as a publically available Google Drive folder.
Please confirm that it is generally accessible.

The idea is that others might take the folders and create things to add to them. For now, the format would be to post proposed updates here. For example, the “Foundation Materials” folder could use 4" block added to it. It would be neat to have folders for heater concept designs.

@borealheat and I were both introduced to SketchUp by William Davenport who had a nice starter file of many useful models for heater and oven builders. We will see if we can ask for permission to share those or not.

For reference, here’s more on the concept of Open Source Heater Building.