Cooking in the Bali Wood-Fired Oven

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We love cooking all kinds of dishes in wood-fired ovens! Along with making some of the best pizza and bread; cooks can also roast meats and vegetables, make hearty stocks, delicious pots of beans, your family’s favorite pies, grill, sauté, dehydrate and so much more. Here are some photos and videos of a recent trip…

Hi all! Got any questions about the processes of cooking in a wood-fired oven or the dishes shown above? Just click on the forum link above and add your comments.

Hey there, Max & Eva. Great photos - looks like fun was had by all! Cool that set up stayed in the family.

May I suggest making the link for the photos more prominent? Maybe larger? It took me a while to find it. These aren’t photos that should be missed.

Thanks for the heads up Jane. We’re still working on the interaction between the content on our website and the forum posts… there should be images on the forum side. We’ll be working on it. This is a great way for their to be more exchange and back and forth with what is posted.