Cabin Stove Cooktop Design/Construction

Greetings Firespeaking Team and other forum members. I am posting this as a request to the Firespeaking team to add certain things to their plans for the Cabin Stove cooktop. The plans need:

  1. Notation on drawings to specify what type of weld it is, and where it is located (especially on interior of 6" schedule 40 pipe).
  2. To specify how wide the radiating lines should be cut. Are they 1/32" wide? 1/16"?
  3. To specify to align circle quadrants with vertical and horizontal radiating lines.
  4. To specify to give circle quadrants gap between them equal to the radiating line width, to allow for expansion/contraction of quadrant ring.
  5. To have small paragraph describing intent of certain design elements. For example, explaining the expansion/contraction concept; explaining the continuous interior weld on pipe to allow for condensate drainage; etc.


@Miles, Thanks so much for this concise list of improvements. We will incorporate them into the next version of the plans. Thank you for being a contributor. I will try to link this thread to the cooktop plans soon so others know what they are referring to.

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I am in the process of building a Shop Cabin Stove and have some questions.

  1. It seems from the photos that there are some non-standard sized firebrick used for spanning larger horizontal spaces. I’m guessing that they’re 12" x 16". What are these? Where can I get them? Can I use something else in their place, like a kiln shelf? (Note: kiln shelves cannot take direct flame well, as they will most likely crack.)
  2. Does anyone have a diagram of the flame/smoke path through this thing? My mason and I are having a difficult time figuring it out from the photos.

Thanks for your good work!


Some questions about the K301 Oven Enclosure.

  1. The Firespeaking photo shows the enclosure with a back, but the drawings show it open. Which is the correct way?
  2. The Firespeaking photo shows the shelving riveted (?) to the walls of the enclosure, but the drawings do not call out a recommended method of attachment. How should they be attached to the wall?
  3. What type of weld should be used to attach the top and bottom plates to the wall plates?
  4. There are four holes in the walls. Where exactly are they located and what size are they? I assume that they are for putting bolts through to secure the enclosure to the brick. Is there a recommended attachment method/hardware?